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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Stepaside - Yellow Chair (1981)

b/w Play The Game

Very good powerpop / pop rock from a Dublin based band that had been going in one form or another since 1971 (& still reform on occasion)

Yellow Chair is a re recorded version of a track that first appeared on their Sidestep / Gale records LP from 1980 (the original recording is also included in the download so you can compare & contrast).
It was one of the last records pressed for the bankrupt Louis Walsh ran Spider Records (allegedly the record was never officially released with the discs being dumped "out the back" of the Dublin Warner Bros offices )

The band on this 45 were
Mick O'Hagan (Voc bass)
Brendan "Brenny" Bonass (guitar)
Niall Power (drums)
Dennis Woods (Keyboards)

However the band on the LP version were
Paul Ashford RIP (voc bass)
Brendan Bonass (guitar voc)
Robbie Brennan (drums voc)
Dave MacAnaney AKA Dave Kodak (Keyboards)
Mark Costigan (guitar) - who is ignored on the LP sleeve but credited with writing some of the songs

Stepaside named themselves after a Dublin Suburb If you want to know more about the band (bio & discography) visit Irishrock.org

Sounds & scans below



  1. Thanks for this - It is very difficult to find Irish records from this era on t'internet, I hope you can post more! Do you have any other Stepaside releases, or anything by one time member Deke O'Brien, (who was also a member of Bees Make Honey)?

    The best,


  2. Well, I looked at the pictures and nearly didn't download this but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, and the LP version may be even better!

  3. Joe, was there anything in particular you were after by stepaside? As to Deke O’Brien I have his "wasted/cool of the night" 45 on scoff records that I could post!
    Graeme, Trust me, most of my posts are above average!!!!!!!

  4. Yes they are Bruce, but when every band member has a beard and a moustache you have to wonder!

  5. I've got the Stepaside album on CD on Break Records and it is a truly awful sound. If you have the original vinyl or the Last Resort single it might sound a bit better. Please post "We've Got You Surrounded" as well, if you have it. I don't suppose anybody has the "Schoolgirl" single?

    I've never heard that Deke O'brien single, but I'd love to have it. I'm really looking for his Nightbus Lp on Mulligan Records, or any of the non album singles.

    Not much, huh?

    Thanks again,


  6. Joe - I do have the LP & will happily rip it for you - Just send your email address to my contact address on the right (I'm not going to post it as it's available on CD) Unfortunately I don't have their 12" but I do have the "Last Resort" & "good morning little schoolgirl" 45's