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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Debutantes - Adolescent Love (1983)

b/w - Say Hello

Great 60's mod pop sounding 45 from this Australian (All Female) Band - If you like Dolly Mixture, then Give this a go!

Merran Laginestra (Voc, Keys)
Judy Sinclair (lead Guitar, Voc)
Alison Gee (Rhythm Guitar Voc)
Bette Summerson (Bass)
Tina Tsiamis (Drums)

The band was formed whist they were still studying at the Pymble Ladies College in Sydney & lasted a few years doing the pub circuit there.

The only member I could find any info on was Merran Laginestra who has had an interesting career & is now living in Madrid (Myspace).

There is a Writing credit for "Say Hello" of Stighardt. (which, by the way has a great kinks guitar sound to it.)

Thanks to Ali Gee for the extra info - see comments

Sounds & scans below



  1. Hi

    Great blog, any chance you could re-up The Debutantes - Adolescent Love, I'll be grateful.


    1. Hi Joel
      send an e-mail to


      & I'll send you a link

  2. Was part of Debs 1981-83. Made that single when we were still at school. Such a long time ago

    1. Hi Ali - If you could furnish me with some more info on the band (Personnel, instruments played etc) that would be great.

  3. Merran Laginestra on lead vocals and keyboard, Judy Sinclair lead guitar vocals, Alison Gee rhythm guitar vocals, Bette Summerson bass guitar, Tina Tsiamis drums. I left band in about Oct 1983 and they continued as 4 piece.