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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Peter Nardini - A Think You're Great (1981)

b/w - Ma Maw's A Mod

More of a comedy record really! The A side is "interesting" but it's the flip that's worth the time.

Glasgow boy Peter Nardini was responsable for the lyrics Of Andy Cameron's 1977 b-side "I Want To Be A Punk Rocker

Both of these tracks can be found on his 1982 LP "A Think You're Great" (a collection of songs mostly written for Radio Scotland’s satirical / topical series ‘Naked Radio’.)
There's also a 2nd 45 worth looking out for - We Just Might Win/Stop It I Like It -(1982) also on Kettle records.

Website of Peter's work here

A Think You're Great on You tube

Ma Maw's A Mod on You tube

Sounds & scans below


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