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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Bonus Boys - Everytime I See A Car Like Yours Go By (1979)

b/w - Wasting Our Time

This is for Razor over at short sharp kick in the teeth who has just posted their 2nd (& final) 45.
There was a 3rd "So Sad / Head For The Hills" that was recorded but unreleased ( I'm not sure if there are any promo/acetates around)
BTW the 2nd 45 was released due to them winning recording time from a Vancouver "Battle of the bands" contest - beating amongst others the Modernettes (punk Powerpop) / Microwave (Rock) & Volts (Rock)

The Vancouver based Band (1979 - '81) were

Kim Clarke R.I.P. (voc guitar)
Jack Matthews (guitar voc)
Elmar Spanier (bass voc) later in Blue Shadows
Jay "J.B." Johnson (drums voc) later in Blue Shadows

In 1984, 3 members formed Moccasin Telegraph with a new bass player Barry Weih (Wye).

There is a myspace here where you can hear the aborted 45 & get a decent bio on the Bonus Boys.

You can also hear a few tracks from Kim Clarke's 1986 LP "It's A Grey Day" over at Vinyl Obscurity

Sounds & scans below



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