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Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Bees - Leave Willie Alone (1980)

b/w - Mr Gaynor

Great powerpop from this Letchworth / Hitchen area band
(I know Mr Gaynor has been comped on Powerpearls 10 & I suspect Leave Willie Alone is on something - I just can't be bothered to look)

The Band were
Pete Phillips (voc)
Rick Camp (guitars voc)
Clive Tonkin (bass)
John Wilson (drums voc)

According to the label Owner Terry Friend it was a toss up between signing The Bees or another local band The Varicose Veins. He obviously choose the Bees, who promptly broke up just after the record was released. (For him a regretful choice - For us another great tune)
Coincidentally Terry's label release before The Bees 45 was The Bleach Boys on Tramp records (TRAMP THF002)

Sounds & scans below



  1. Apparently, the vast unsold majority of the pressing was eventually donated to a Help The Miners fund in 1984 (and yet Maggie still won... hard to believe, I know...).

  2. Cheers, Steve - love that sort of info / gossip, it makes the post worthwhile & Frank - You're welcome!