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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Stripes - Tell Me Your Name (1980)

b/w -Weekend Love

Great Powerpop from this Hagen, Germany combo who began life in the summer of 1979

Gabriele Susanne "Nena" Kerner (voc)
Rainer Kitzman (guitar)
Frank Rohler (bass)
Rolf Brendel (drums)
with help from
Frank Becking (guitar) see the YouTube clip below

As most will know Ms Kerner & her drummer boyfriend Rolf moved to West Berlin in 1981 & met some others to become Nena (although she'd been known by her nickname Nena since the age of 3 [Nina is Spanish for little girl]

The band Released 1 Lp & 4 45's (this being the 3rd, both tracks were lifted from the LP)
Tell Me Your Name is one of only a few tracks that is not written/co written by Rainer. Instead it's by Michael Munder (who had a track "Bänke Für Den Park" on the 1981 -VA LP Alles Aus Hagen)

Sounds & Scans below



  1. Very good power pop. Many thanks.

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