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Friday, 25 February 2011

Iva Twydell - Resting In Your Love (1981)

b/w - Secret Service

I think this should have a pic sleeve but it's lacking in that department.

Iva (Ivor) Twydell was born in Luton & grew up in Dunstable. He was the drummer for After The Fire (1977 - 79) but quit due to personal reasons.

Iva Explains himself in an interview from 1982 here

Whilst working at the Brixton Dole office (anyone else remember that depressing buiding on Coldharbour lane?) he continued to write / record culminating in the release of 2 LP's

Secret Service - Banana Records 1981
Duel - Redsky Records 1982

The players on this 45 were
Iva Twydell (voc guitar keyboard) now can be found here (scroll a bit)
Andy Balmer (guitar)
Tony Hudson (bass) ex Alwyn Wall Band
Nick Brotherwood (drums) ex Alwyn Wall Band also Iva's successor in ATF
Graham Noon (keyboard)

Finally; Secret service is the better of the 2 tracks to these ears

Sounds & scans below



  1. Christian Rock/Pop isn't everyone's cup of tea, but Iva wrote some great songs. You can download all 3 of his LPs including the 'Waiting For The Sun' LP from 1978 from this blog: http://flipsidemn.blogspot.com/2010/01/iva-twydell-waiting-for-sun.html
    'Secret Service' is a great LP!

  2. I owned Banana records and the studio that ivor used. Had a great time working with him.

    1. Hi Steve, is there any chance this album will get released on Itunes or something similar????

      Thanks, Bill

  3. Hi Steve - Thanks for the comment - Have you any memories / other info you can add to the post?

  4. And I always thought Ivor grew up in Kensworth, a village just outside of the Luton & Dunstable area. I maybe wrong here, but didn't he own a pair of white wellies and would wear them whilst playing.

    1. You could be correct - I'm always happy to have inaccuracies pointed out - now we just need to find out!

  5. I worked with Iva, then a Clerical Officer at the DHSS at the junction of Brixton Road and Camberwell New Road. I remember him recording the album and his line manager Ray Kay letting him leave regularly at 3:30 on flexi time to do so. The young lad who sat next to him Kieran McGrath managed to plead his way onto the album and is credited with vocals and noises! Secret Service was dedicated to Ferdinand his unborn child at the time.
    Years later in the early 2000's I bumped into him in Milton Keynes McDonalds and discovered he had joined the Bedfordshire Police and risen to the rank of Chief Inspector. I also remember him being interviewed on BBC 3 Counties radio as the real singing detective!
    I still play the album and my own favourite is Cold Wars (can't we, can't we, can't we end these cold wars).