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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Blue - Don't Wanna Make You Cry (1982)

b/w - Moonlight

Since I mentioned Blue in yesterdays post I thought I'd give you a chance to listen to them!

The 3 original members of this Scottish (Glasgow) powerpop/pop rock band began life as the poets

Hugh Nicholson (voc guitar keyboard '73-)
Ian MacMillan (bass voc '73-)
Timmy Donald (drums voc '73 - '77)

In 1973 they obtained a Badfinger / Raspberries obsession & began churning out some pleasant sounds whilst having a few line up changes

Robert "Smiggy" Smith (guitar voc '74-'76)
Charlie Smith (drums 77- )
David Nicholson (bass - moving Ian MacMillan to guitar '77-)

Their heyday was in 1977 with a hit single (capture your heart) for Elton John's label "Rocket"
In 1979 they decamped over to L.A. & began recording at the Shangri-la Studios, Zuma beach (I guess that explains the label name!) returning home in early '83

Blue are still recording

If anyone is interested here's a discography of their 45's

Red light song/Look around – (UK) RSO 2090 109 (1973)
Little Jody/The Way Things are - (UK) RSO 2090 114 (US) RSO 4o5 (1973)
Lonesome/Max Byraves - RSO 2090 130 (1974)
Sad Sunday (Blue Flexi disc) (1974)
Cookie In A Jar/Don't Let This Feeling Go – (UK) RSO 2090 154 (US) RSO 508 (1975)
Round and Round/ I Know How It Feels - RSO 2090 163 (1975)
On Rocket Record Company
(gonna) Capture Your Heart/The Shepherd – (UK) ROKN 522 (US) R40706 (1977)
Capture your heart/Capture your heart – rocket/mca PIG- 40706 (US promo on blue vinyl)(1977)
Another Night Time Flight/Tired of loving you - ROKN 527 (1977)
Bring back the love/Tired of loving you – ROKN 531 (1977)
Women/I'm Alone - ROKN 534 (1977)
How Beautiful/Loves On fire - Xpress 7 (1979) As" Hugh Nicholson"
Stranger's Town/Change in the weather - Xpres 8 (1979)
Love Sings/I'll Get You Back - XPRES 10 (1979)
Danger Sign/Cellar Floor - XPRESS 16 (1979)
on Zuma Records
Don't Wanna Make You Cry/Moonlight (ZOOM 1) (1982)
I wanna go to New York/Love, you made a fool of me (ZOOM 3) (1984)

Sounds & scans below



  1. Fantastic single. Thank you very much.

  2. Nice band, i´ve liked so much these two tunes

    Lovely pop gems.

    Thaks a lot!

  3. That 2nd single 'Little jody' is one of THE best singles of the seventies and received a great review from none other than John Peel in Sounds. I hunted down the album after hearing it and its a real gem too. Its nearly worn out now! Love it.