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Monday, 10 January 2011

The Warm - Tired Of Waiting For You (1979)

b/w - Tired Dub

I mentioned this 45 in my previous Warm post & have since had a couple of mails requesting it. So here is the 5th & final offering from The Warm (released at the tail end of '79 in the UK & Portugal)

Yes it's a re-working of the classic Kinks track
(Ray Davies claimed to have written the music on the train to a recording studio & penned the words at a coffee shop during a break in the session.)

From what I can gather The Warm had by now slimmed down to a duo comprising of
Rui De Castro Guimaraes
AKA Rui Castrator (voc guitar)
Leo Pennant AKA Leo Penn or Jah Shumba (bass voc) (around this time Leo was NOT performing with Tiger Ashby - see comments)

Rui's still working/living hard in Lisbon & I'm sure would like to stick some memories of recording this in the comments box....

Sounds & scans below


  1. Great record. As a DJ on our local commercial radio station at the time (I did the 'new wave' programme) I had this as my Record Of The Week, which meant that it had to also be played through the week by all the 'proper' DJs. They soon realised my picks should be excluded from this system, though. Shame!

  2. Hey guys! You rock! Me again! Thanks for the share, although I could be left without Producer's and recording royalties (i'm not talking about Ray Davies songwritting royalties of course, that's his) if this is out there on Download. But heck, the price you pay to be appreciated out of the blue after 33 years, is worth the give-away! I must put this on You Tube one day or re-work it with a new singer.
    Btw: Leo wasn't working with anyone else then. It was hard enough to keep him with me. He was always into Westindian World (newspaper of the London, Jamaican community) and worked too much there to have time to rehearse. That Tiger Ashby must have come later (much later) after I left London on Halloween 1981.
    Keep Warm!
    Best wishes.
    Thanks 4 your sympathy and interest!
    @lisbonlifestyle @WarmRecords @Rui_de_Castro on Twitter

  3. On listening to this right now. It just brought tears to my eyes! Crying out loud! Wow!
    Peace brother!

  4. Hi Rui - I can take the download off if you wish - just say the word!!

  5. This is really good. Someone should release an LP with all those Warm singles on it. Would save me a lot of time and money trying to buy them.

    Pete Newnham doesn't remember Leo playing with Tiger Ashby either.

  6. Yes, Worthless Trash, Pete Newnham is that you? Thank God you liked it. When I saw Worthless Trash I thought the truth came out but no, you are right we, or I, should do an iTunes of all our Warm stuff and a vinyl ltd edition also. Also with our stuff on Nova Vaga LP album or the whole album including the various artists side on it.
    Thanks for appreciating the music, even if I am repeating myself. Gratitude is very good.
    About the mp3, well I will think about it and let you know but I rather put images on a video or two or three of Floosie and Tired of Waiting and 007 Shanty Town (cover) (Leo and I) and stick it on my You Tube Channel and then hope to somehow get to generate that lovely money. For now I don't know who is going to see this blog (I guess plenty of people) but I am proud of it. I will mule over it more and shout-out sometime soon.
    Warm wishes. Keep dry.

  7. Hi Rui, I'm not Pete Newnham. I posted his record "Rudi" on my blog a few years ago and mentioned Leo in connection with his later band Tiger Ashby. Pete left a comment correcting me. It seems Tiger Ashby did have a black bass player and one point only it was Milton Smalling not Leo.

    I like the "Nova Vaga" LP a lot. Of course, The Warm were behind the Floozie and Beat Brothers tracks too, right?

    Cheers, James.

  8. James:
    Ah! Thanks for this info. But, ... unless I am in the dark (can be) Milton who was our "The Warm" drummer from when I first formed it in London, in 1973, till Milton split up with us (Leo and I) around 1975, or even late 1974 (short time, looking back now), never played guitar. Leo and Milton argued a lot although they were both West Indian but Leo was more the cockney, London Jamaican, whereas, Milton the Kingston, London transport (Bus) immigrant who played "dem" drums like his life depended on it. A lot of white flour dumplings made by Milton were eaten by both of us when we both lived in Hounslow (near Heathrow) and shared a bedsit, which I paid for, lol, as he was always short of money. So, maybe he picked up the bass later but when I saw him last, in London, Maida Vale, I think (Steve from Low Down Kids found him for me) we met again in 2001 and he did have an accoustic guitar laying around in his house there, so he did say he had learned to play (a bit). Great stuff! Remeniscing! I don't know Tiger Ashby!
    Yes, first we did Floosie as a Leo song on our third single in 1978 as you know and then when Leo and I plus Wendy (a friend of my wife, Mary Harrison Goudie, from Art college in Leeds (who played saxophone) rehearsed in Gunter Grove, Chelsea, opposite Johnny Lydon (Rotten) that song Cheap & Nasty, which she (Wendy Freeman) wrote the lyrics, we decided to put it out on Nava Vaga album as "Floozie" with a Z (like the StudioZ) lol, but it was Leo and I really and so was The Beat Brothers "Drive My Car" (check my You Tube Channel /RuideCastroOpirata) Leo, me and a drummer, in this case my brother, who wasn't really a punk rock drummer (more jazzy) that's why that Milton "punch" was missing (pity). I have tapes and tapes, masters and demos of us rehearsing with Milton and they were great! Actually most songs we did on record from 1976/77/78/79 were already in exhistance in 1973/74 when we (trio of Milton, Leo and I) rehearsed in Hounslow and later in Walthamstow in the flat/apartment we three shared, in East London. Boy, I like to write! Maybe we should do a biography story of The Warm. Of course Tired of Waiting came out in the UK on an "MHG" logo label which was Mary's initials because her father kept paying our credit cards, which paid for all these recordings really. So we started her label within The Worm Productions and MHG/WARM was born. In Portugal I licensed Tired of Waiting to Nova where our Portuguese John Peel worked also. That was the late António Sérgio who died on Halloween 2009. He was the alternative indie labels DJ in Lisbon whom everyone listened to.
    Mary took the photos and did the cover artwork for our records too. She has a fine art degree. She took a lot of Punk Rock band pics at the Roxy Club in London too and at the Rainbow in London. We have the negatives!

    This is my story and I'm sticking to it! LOL
    Keep in touch!
    Warm regards
    Rui :)

  9. Rui, there's a photo of Milton Smalling with tiger ashby/transformer here (scroll to the bottom of the page)


  10. My mistake. Milton was likely a drummer with Tiger Ashby rather than bassist.

  11. Wow: That's Milton allright, the dude on the left, LOL. So that was in the eighties or what? Yeah, he must have been the drummer! That guy was "Drummer" through and through. He Hit the S*it out of those drums!
    Thanks boys (bBoy and WT)
    PS: Ex-Cockney Rebel heim? Great, I must have missed him at the Roxy then.