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Monday, 31 January 2011

The Ramblers - The Kids Are back To Rock N Roll (1979)

b/w - Nothing Remains The Same

On my search for info on this German band I've realized that they seem to have been studiously ignored. WHY?

They were formed early 1977 in Hagen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany & have given us some great punk / powerpop.

The Band were
Christian Schneider AKA Hartwig Masuch (voc) whilst studying Economics at the Ruhr-Universitat Bochum (in 1980 he became Exrabreit's manager)
Frank Becking (guitar) also played briefly with the Stripes (more on them soon) & later with Nena again
Carlo Karges RIP (guitar) later in Exrabreit & Nena
Clemens Domning (bass voc) later in Exrabreit then moved to Berlin & joined Z replaced by Jürgen Meier
Jürgen Hielscher (drums), later replaced by Rüdiger Braune
with help from
Rüdiger Elze (guitars) later in avant-garde bands Hoelderlin & Kowalski

The Kids Are Back To Rock'n'Roll 1978 - Crystal or BB
Street Heat 1979 - Antagon Musikgesellschaft or Quality or Laser (RCA Oz)
Strange Life 1980 - CBS
Soul Rocking/Cock Sucker/You Never Do It/Like Everybody 1977 - Hot Stuff*
We Want The World/New York City 1978 - Crystal
The Kids Are back To Rock N Roll/Nothing Remains The Same 1979 - Crystal
Out Of Time/All Those Days 1980 - CBS
Keep On Laughing/Running 1980 - CBS

If there any omissions/corrections please leave a comment

* thanks to Bernd for the info on this EP

Sounds & scans below



  1. Thank you very much. You are a fantastic 7" collection. All the best friend.

  2. I've got a French copy of the Kids Are Back To Rock'n'Roll LP on Crypto. It's not mind-blowing, but a good listen. I also have some dodgy German 3 LP punk box set, one disc being one of their later albums in its entirety. I'll dig that up for completists sake.

    Great blog, btw. I'm forever grateful to you for introducing me to the Hi-Fi 45.

  3. Thanks for the extra info VG (every little bit helps!)

  4. I've gotta be good for something, right? It's called New Wave Hits. Three LPs; one unimpressive compilation disc, The Ramblers' Street Heat LP, and the ill-fitting Wolfgang Michels New Wave Dropouts LP. Each disc is on a different record label. It just doesn't make any sense! Here's a link:

  5. Strange little LP set -

    why does it have a "Kids" mention on the sleeve but no track listed by them?

    - maybe it's just a typo (Skids)

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      thank you!

  7. good work - in german google search i didn't find so much informations
    i tried to contact you by your emal - mylifesajigsaw@gmail.com - but thunderbird refused me twice - i am really interested in that stuff

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