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Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Prats - 1990's Pop EP (1980)

A1 - Disco Pope
A2 - Nothing
B1 - T.V. Set
B2 - Nobody Noticed

Here's bunch of Schoolboys from Edinburgh who formed in 1977 (they all went to St Augustine's Roman Catholic Comprehensive with ages ranging between 12 & 15, I've included a great photo of them in the download from smash hits) & fell apart in 1981

The Band were
Greg Maguire
(voc guitar)
Paul McLaughlin (guitar voc)
Jeff Maguire (bass)
Dave Maguire (drums)

They are probably best known for their part on the Earcom 1 12" (Fast Products - FAST9 [1979] the tracks being Bored / Prats 2 / Inverness)

They also recorded a Peel session that aired on 13/09/1979 (Tom Robinson handled bass) - it's here

Rumour has it that Paul Mclaughlin was too scared to tell his mum that he was in a punk band so he used to pretend he was going for tennis lessons!!!

For more info on them go here

Sounds & scans below


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