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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Jeep - The Happy Wanderer (1982)

b/w - Do It Right

I guess some of you will know this track (maybe not from there thou') It always puts a smile on my face!

This is Jeep's 4th (of 5) 45's on their own Airport records imprint)

They were from the Hounslow area (West London) & formed in 1978.

The band were
Chris "Kris" Murrell (voc guitar)
Jimmy Bolleaux AKA Alan Stirling (voc guitar)
Roy Hamilton (voc bass)
Kelvin Purcell (voc drums)

Want to gorge yourself on videos by Kelvin Purcell & learn more about what he's been up to?
Go to his you-tube channel

If you're interested their other 45's are
wild rover/lark in the dark – Airport (AIRP 001) 1979
wild rover/lark in the dark – Cobra (COB 9) 1980
heiress on the run/don’t take it away – Airport (AIRP 002) 1980
roger the jogger/trying to forget – Airport (AIRP 3) 1981
factory/factory revisited – Airport(AIRP 006) 1983

Sounds & Scans below



  1. Thank you very much for all. I've liked a lot the b-side. Great. Thankx again.

  2. RIP Kelvin