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Saturday, 8 January 2011

E.M.F. - Anti-Bellum (1981)

b/w - One Way Girl

Great bit of CND supporting Ska from this Coventry 7 piece.
(Anti-Bellum = to be opposed to war)

Anti Bellum is also on the 1981 RCA "battle of the Bands" LP - which means they were finalists - (Carl Green & The Scene won & Asylum came 3rd if you're interested)

The band were

Donna Elkington (voc)
Sharron Elkington (voc)
Jim Allen (sax and voc)
Dave Gordon (guitar)
Fitzroy Wilson (rhythm guitar)
Tony (Mojo) Morgan (bass)
Leroy Wright (drums)

According to here the Elkington sisters put an add in the Coventry Evening times to see if anyone wanted to start a band & it snowballed from there
Other self penned tracks in their repertoire included "Don't push me","black girl, white boy","cheesed off" & "anorexia"

There's a good homemade video here
& A myspace

Sounds & scans below


  1. Hi It's Mojo! I started looking for musicians to put a Ska band together! Amos Anderson helped me to find the musicians! We saw the advert that the Elkington sisters wanted to start a band! So we give them an audition to see if it would work out! All the band talked about it, and then they joined! And the rest is History! Ask any of the band musicians, and they will tell you the same story!!!....much respect...Mojo!

  2. Hi Mojo, - good to hear from you & thanks for the extra info

  3. No problem my friend! My friend Trev has done all he hard work writing all these blogs out!....Peace to you Bristol Boy and respect...Mojo!