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Friday, 31 December 2010

Crysbas - Ond... Mae Di Bwrw EP (1979)

A1 - Mae 'Di Bwrw
A2 - Blws Ty Golchi
B1 - Mor Gryg Y 'Wr Morgrug
B2 - Amser

As promised here's the 2nd 45 from Crysbas

There is a line up change from the 1st 45 in that guitarist Gwyndaf Williams seems to have been replaced by
Dafydd Les Roberts (organ synth piano)

The band seemed to fizzle out in 1980 with Bryn Fon doing a bit (actually quite a lot!) of acting & reappearing as vocalist for Sobin a`r Smaeliaid in the late 80's (More info here)
Also go here for a story about how a seemingly bad event can turn to your advantage!

If you want to hear/read more about what a couple of them are doing now go here

Also go here to see a live 2001 version of Draenog Marw by Bryn Fon a`r Band

Sounds & scans below



  1. Once again your heroic blogging has filled the gaps in my virtual record collection. Hope I get the chance to buy you a drink someday.

    I've got an album called Rhyfelwr from 1981 by Crys...it's hard rock that reminds me of Shakin' Street or a very young AC/DC...must be the same band?

    Anyway I've been motivated to write reviews (or really just funny chats) about music and in a couple months I might slap together a site; it'll be all chat and if I post mp3s it'll just be mine and my friends' bands. Right now I'm trying to cover as much of the Welsh scene as I can (you've posted so many of my requests it's shameful for me to ask more...actually it's nearly impossible, because I can't think of many Welsh records you haven't crossed off my want list. Except one that's been nagging me: the Mirrors "Dark Glasses" EP on Lightning. (Always thought "Cure for Cancer" as cool a Velvets tribute as the Cleveland Mirror ever did!) Also, is there another Hot Water 7'' besides "Get Lost!" Are they truly whence came Fay Ray? And I don't know if they're your style, but either Reptile Ranch or the "Rough Cuts" EP (I do have Messthetics, but I'm always wanting more! And PS thanks again for the Warm and Clint Small, and all the Xmas collection, which cycled for four hours at my family party without complaint. You, sir, are the anti-Grinch.

  2. Today I'm the harbinger of bad news Brian I can't help with any of your requests.
    Must admit I though I had the Mirrors 45 but hey!

    The Other "Hot Water" 45 was released before "Get lost"
    - "Different morning/premium bondage" also on Duff records (1978)

    Most of the members (Sheila McCartney, John Lovering, Owen Hughes & Jeff Taylor) of Hot water became FAY RAY (Roy Smith, Paul Stroud & Brenda Prescott did not)

    Brenda Prescott released a couple of 45's in 1980 on the active label

    I'm bored/we're ok

    I want to be you/orient express

    which I do Have If you need to hear them
    (I also have the Fay ray 45 (family affairs/didn't have to say that - 1980) if anyone wants to hear it!!