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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Rocyn - Sosej, bins a chips (1982)

b/w Plant '67 (children of '67)

I don't think I need to translate the title (you should be able to work it out!! - you even get a picture clue)

A "fun time" New Wave track from the Welsh band Rocyn (boy) on the Fflach label.

The Band were

Jim O'Rourke (voc piano)
Elfyn Evans (lead guitar voc)
Geraint Jones (guitar synth voc)
Keith Gibby (bass)
Dafydd Owen (drums)

& Hubert gets a mention for the sound

Sounds & scans below



  1. Another great Welsh popper, thanks Bruce. But who's that on the cover?

  2. I'm thinking someone who maybe likes "Sausage beans & chips" a little too much

  3. That's Jim O'Rourke, the singer. He used to run the Urdd camp in Llangrannog.

    Thanks for this, and the Ail Symudiad and other Welsh stuff that I haven't got to yet. It's great that someone's taking the trouble to get decent quality vinyl rips of these things online.

    Ooh, Trwynau Coch...