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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Diplomats - Memories Of You (1982)

b/w - I'll keep on holding on

Another request & it's quite a good one for this Yorkshire Mod band's only 45 release.
My only complaint is there's a bit too much synth!

Still, a great cover of I'll keep on holding on

The band were
Andy Welsh (voc guitar)
Jon Driver (bass keyboards)
Roger Goodgroves (keyboards)
Ian Wilkinson (drums)

Sounds & scans below



  1. Thank you very much. Nice The Action cover.

  2. I think You're right, in that they probably were listening to the Action's version of this song but Hunter/Stevenson originally wrote it for the Marvelettes or the Temptations or one of those tamla motown bands

  3. Hi, good to see this after so many years. I can say it wasn't the Action's version we were listening to.

  4. as to the synth; you are right, we were listening to lots of stuff like soft cell at the time.

  5. Hi Roger - thanks for the comment. Do you still "tinkle the ivories" or is it all work behind the camera?

  6. No I'm afraid not (well other than privately), nowadays I get my musical fix from photography or journalism. (www.goodgroves.co.uk)

  7. Hi, do you happen to still have a copy of this? The Mediafire link no longer seems to work.

    1. sure - send an e-mail to


      & I'll send you a d/l link