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Friday, 6 August 2010

the Ringers - No No No (1981)

b/w - What can I do (I still love you)

OK, I know the date of today's post (even the month of release - June)

Unfortunately, I know nothing about the band (both songs are written by Phil Barrett)

I can tell you, that they have a Beatles fixation (if you like the mod/powerpop sound of "the Pleasers" then this is for you.)

If I wanted to speculate - then there is a copyright to "Powerplay records" which could lead us across the pond to some other Beatles wannabies. That's probably just wishful thinking!!

sounds & scans below


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  1. Band (UK) was really called The Bootles, and the single was released in Denmark under their proper name. They also released an album of Beatles covers... but only in Bulgaria!

    I have the Bootles single for sale (nice p/s!) if anyone 'needs' it.