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Saturday, 28 August 2010

the Odds - unreleased live session tracks (1981)

1. Martin
2. Be what you are
3. Corinne
4. Fool in the crowd

It's a special "treat day" today 4 previously unavailable tracks by the Mod/ska band the Odds

These were sent to me by Kieran Moses, who had seen my previous odds posts & figured you lucky people would like to hear some more!!

Below are Kieran's words

"The photograph is of an out-door gig on the back of a truck somewhere (can’t remember where) to about 1500 people.

Left to right
Bill McKeown (bass), me (guitar and vox), Colin Brockwell (drums), Twig Leafe (guitar) and Stuart Matthewman (Sax and guitar). Bill, Twig and Stuart all did backing vox as well.

This is the line-up on the live recording I sent you."

I have to admit to being really impressed by these tracks & hope Kieran decides to send some more (comments may also help)

In case you are interested "the Odds" were named after the "Oddfellows Arms" in Beverly where the band was formed by Bill McKeown & Sam Leyland

sounds & pic below



  1. 'Martin' is such a great track. Reminds me a little of late period The Method.

  2. Wow, what a great quality live recording. That's what a Radio show gives ya! Great stuff!