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Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Frames - False Accusations (1979)

b/w - 69

I wasn't going to post this but ever since I said I'd send it to someone, others have also asked for it.

Not a bad lone 45, all in all from this Portsmouth 4-piece (Although they began in '78 as a quintet)

Sue Jonas (Voc)
Nick Radford (Guitar)
Mike Marshfield (Bass)
Stephen Wood (Drums) 
(All aged 15 / 16 at time of release, 15th June)

The 45 war released on their own independent label (Brain Boosters - shared with another local band the attic)
They also provided 2 tracks (Lost In Space / Reduced Watches) to Their 1980 BB V/A LP South Specific
Post Punk A-side with an all together better B-side to these ears

Look out for their Lone Peel Session (Recorded Langham, Portland Place 24/02/81 First Aired 02/03/81)
The Shock Of The New
Play It By Fear
La Chanson Ironique

sounds & scans below



  1. Like both sides - and the handwritten labels are quaint too! Cheers mate.

  2. Info Updated -
    If its still Oct 15 Check Out the below fror the Peel Session

  3. Would you be so kind as to re-up this one?