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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Drama - Do you love me (1982)

b/w - Been too long

Usually I love cover versions but this one sucks in a take a great record & stick some "plinky-plonky (not really a technical term but I think it works!) on it" sort of way -

Saying that, if it's some pretty decent powerpop you want then the B-side is for you!

Sorry, don't know anything about the band

sounds & scans below



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  2. nice b side not much for the A side though

  3. like the B side and the girl on the cover too.

    4 requests if its possible,
    News _ Blue Thru on gto rec 1978
    Laughing Gass _ New Tart on wessex 1979
    Frames _ False accusations on brain buster 1979
    Tony Koklin _ Cinderella 7'' on mulligan Rec 1979
    thank you so much for all the posts

  4. only have 2 (news & frames)- if you send an email to the address on the right I'll send you a link for them sometime soon.